diversity assessment and action plan

I have the login info for my book that I will provide for the questions to be answered and for citation purposes.

In a 3 – 5 page double-spaced paper, assess your diversity consciousness and create an action plan to strengthen it. Although this is your personal assessment and action plan, connect your analysis to course concepts and assigned reading. The paper should include appropriate citations and a reference page.

In this analysis,

  • Describe your awareness and understanding of diversity comparing and contrasting your textbook’s definition with your own. What surprised you in the assigned readings and class discussions? What new insights have your gained?
  • Evaluate your diversity skills and how they facilitate enhance your success at school and work. Strengthening what diversity skills could enhance your effectiveness as a leader?
  • Identify personal and/or social barriers you face and discuss options to overcome them.
  • Based on this assessment, prepare an action plan to increase your diversity consciousness by identifying two clearly defined and specific actions you will take by the end of this organizational leadership course

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