don t worry these don t have to be perfect for draft

Essay #1 Introduction + Thesis

Re-read the essay prompt again so that you understand what this essay is about and what you need to do. On Wednesday 1/29, you will write your 1st draft of this paper in class. Before you write this draft on Wednesday, however, I want you to prepare for Wednesday by 1) writing your introduction and thesis.

This introduction should be about 1/2 to 1.25 pages long (MLA format). What should you include in this introduction? Consider…

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  • Introducing your topic of writing in an interesting way. You can tell your own story or part of a story, begin with a short hook like Shelly Reid did “Writing is hard” to begin her own article, do discuss the different aspects of writing, especially college writing.
  • Introducing yourself and how this writing is related to you
  • Including a catchy, unique hook (first one or two sentences to attract the reader) to your introduction
  • Including a thesis at the end of your introduction that informs your reader what kind of writer you are and perhaps how/when/why you are this writer. A thesis can also include your “plan” for the essay as we discussed in class.