E-books are better than traditional books

E-books are better than traditional books

E-books are books written and published in a digital format. They contain some images, texts and in other instances, it may include both of them. Electronic devices are used in reading thee-books. Smartphones, tablets, computers or other digital devices are the ones that are widely used for readability of the texts and e-book images. E-books seem to be widely used mostly by those who undergo through the online learning programs (Clyde & Laurel, pp.24-25). Having shifted to the digital world, we all need to embrace whatever new technology that is in place. This called for a need to take a research on the topic that E-books are better than the traditional books. Under it, more of the concerns will be concerned on the various advantages that e-books seem to have over the traditional books. In addition, any issues that keeps us on toe making us follow the digital world will be discussed as well in support of the statement. Necessity is the mother of invention, this proves that e-books were introduced after a long time of suffering in efforts to maintain and fully supplement e-learning programs. The availability of the electronic devices and new technology systems have made it possible to use the e-books in a wide range and thus making them popular in the world at large (Soules & Aline, p.12).

Life is becoming much expensive and the economy is high all over. This is if compared to the earlier days when things were cheap to store. Storage facilities were there and readily available. Currently, the planning of the room to include a storage room is calling for a very high effort in terms of the capital. In particular, the storage facilities that is under discussion is the library, it goes hand in hand with our research topic. Storing traditional books needs much larger spaces. This space is not readily available since the books required may be many in number. Large amount of capital is needed as well as the labour to construct shelves and other facilities that are essential in a library and it appears to be much expensive. E-books are usually cheap to store. This is because we require no physical space to store the books. We only need a space on the electronic devices that we use to read the books and the ability to access them. The bookshelf is usually located on the computer or the handheld electronic device. For those who own many books knows very well the amount of space required to store them. This space would be used for another purpose other than as a store of the books, this appears possible only if the e-books are used in learning over the traditional books (Buzzetto, Nicole, Retta  & Muna, pp.117-120)

You can imagine of a case where one is to look for a particular book from a shelf of books. This is hard if the books are many. One might not be knowing the color and some other physical description of the book and thus they are forced to check the books one at a time. This is tiresome and more time is required to secure the book. At some cases one may end up being in a condition of not being able to locate the book yet it is still there. Make a clear comparison where you have to locate the book from an electronic device. Less time is required and in addition, there is no possibility of not getting the book of interest if at all it is there and well searched using the correct tittle, Therefore this becomes a more reliable source in accessibility of the books(Jones, Troy & Carol, pp.27-29).

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Everything in the world is dynamic. It is never possible to step the same water twice, we must go by the current world. The new technology is a great development that we need to embrace. Computers, smartphones and other electronic devices are almost everywhere and a large population is able to have an access to them.There is the need to make use of the available resources. What would inhibit the use of the e–books yet the resources are there? The use of it is an enough prove that we are able to utilize our limited resources more effectively.

Travelling is something that we cannot escape by any means. This is because we finds ourselves in different activities that need us travel, this is in search of our daily bread. Take an instance where an individual is undertaking an e-learning program. They have a work to cover and more books to ready in order to succeed in their studies. If in such a case that student is to travel for a longer distance or else there is a need to go and camp for some days, must they curry with them all the books that they require during their personal studies? That is not logical at all. A more efficient and convenient method is necessary. E-books serves better in such cases. This is because the electronic device is portable and thus easy to carry around. When the need to read arises, they only have to scroll their computer or device and be able to locate the book with much ease. This way one will have saved a lot of energy and he might not find difficulties in their travelling. Under this context, e-book is of much benefit than the traditional books (Long & Sarah, pp. 20-22).

Spending less amount for greater profit is our objective and any other person would wish to make maximum profit with less resources. Education is seen as both an investment and a consumption good, where money is required during such investment. The less amount of cash you use during your learning process the better, as long as the returns are highly reliable. Buying traditional books costs a lot as compared to the e-books. This is because for the traditional books capital is needed for printing services whereas for the case of e-book no printing is needed. In this educational website, there exists also free online books where one is able to access the books without any payment. Who would afford let such a chance just go. The saved amount could be used for the payment of fees or any other educational expenses. This way we will have made learning a bit cheap, where the reduced spending in education does not affect its quality.Some of the traditional books are much expensive to purchase and one might not be able to buy all that they require. If they fully depend on them, then they will end up suffering a lot yet there is a solution for the problem (Clyde & Laurel, pp.35-36). Even if one has a lot of the resources in terms of cash, they still require more and no one is willing to spend more than they should. Thus, the availability of the e-books is wholly of great benefit to the learners.

Some people have developed some physical complications while others are born with them. Take a case where an individual has eye problems, could be they have a problem with reading letters that are typed with less font size,it will be hard for such a person to read texts written with a small font. Again, if one has a complication with much light, then they will not be in a position to read a book where the color is very bright, for example a white paper. When such problems appear, the only option they are left with is to stop reading until all goes in their favor. In the case of the e-book, there are instances where one would adjust the font to a size that they can easily read. In addition, it is possible to adjust the brightness so that one does not suffer a lot as they read. When one is comfortable, they learns much better. The issue about adjusting brightness and font size makes e-books a more convenient source of learning material as compared to traditional books(Jones, Troy & Carol, pp.57-58).

Having taken into concern several factors, e-book turns out to be the best as compared to traditional books. The most reasonable human is he who struggles hard to fit himself to the very dynamic world. We all should embrace the changes that leads to success. Most of the population undertaking distance learning are found to use e-books since it is the one that makes the learning much flexible, yielding quality education products.