Ecology paper

Ecology paper (3.5 pages – outline included)


Question description 

Please see the attachment for the outline that I have done. Please turn this into a 3.5 page paper.

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Perform a thought experiment below. Write a 3-5 p. paper (single-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margins, not counting reference list or figures or tables) synthesizing your ecological knowledge and library research findings with your own logical deductions. Use the complete citation style of the journal Ecology and note that points will be deducted for incompletely or incorrectly cited references, as well as spelling and grammatical errors. Read and cite at least 5 papers from the primary literature that report original research data and several review articles (You can use Biosis or Web of Science to find relevant papers, or ask us for leads).

Regime Shifts Along Spatial Gradients Topic


Take an explicitly spatial approach by hypothesizing where, along elevational, depth or latitudinal gradients, species interactions that affect ecological communities shift. Then, postulate how these boundaries might change (e.g. move up or down from current positions along gradients) under altered external forcing by land use practices, climate change, or biotic change, such as extinction, invasion, or trait evolution.

Please submit within the timeline given as this is a strict deadline.


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