econometrics empirical project stata skill is required

Hi there, I need help to finish this 9-10 pages long (no more than 10 pages), double space, font 12 project. Most importantly, you should be familiar with STATA. For this project, you will be analyzing a provided dataset by using STATA. You will need an introduction to set up a question (attachment 1 has some sample questions). You also have to describe the data, and do some summary statistics as it relates to your question. And then you will need population model, empirical approach, robustness crocus, and finally a conclusion.

To finish this project, you will also need to know how to make tables for the data.

I will need both the project and the log file of the STATA command at the end please!

attachment 1 is the detail explaination of this project
attachment 2 is an example of an empirical project
attachment 3 is the dataset that you will be working on (it shows invalid upload, I can send it to you later via email)

please read attachment 1and 2 carefully before you start, thank you!

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