Federalism in the US Paper

Federalism in the US PaperATLEAST 4 PAGES You MUST draw heavily from the textbook when writing each of your essays. I want LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of examples from the textbook complete with page numbers. You can either put the page numbers in parentheses at the end of your sentence or refer to the page numbers directly in a sentence: “On page 56 of the textbook it says…” If you do not include page numbers from the textbook in your essays you will receive a grade of ZERO on the exam. Also, Do NOT use direct quotes from the textbook: write the essays in your own words. If you use direct quotes you will fail the exam. Please note that you can ONLY use the course textbook for this exam; no outside sources, such as the internet, can be used. Should you be tempted to do this it will considered an act of plagiarism and you will receive both a zero on the exam and an F for the course. There will be no exceptions to this policy so if you have any questions please ask me before you begin working on the exam.