Educated Summary and Sociological Examination Tara Westover

Educated Summary and Sociological Examination Tara Westover




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1. Read the ‘Educated” summary/overview linked below, it will help if you understand what the entire book is about

2. Draft a 4-6 page essay that summarizes the memoir and then examines Tara’s story from a sociological perspective.

This essay is organized into 2 parts: Summary (no longer than 2 pages double spaced) and Sociological Examination (at least 2 pages double spaced)

After you succinctly summarize the memoir in two pages or less, examine Tara’s story from a sociological perspective. To examine Tara’s story from a sociological perspective, focus your analysis on the following questions:

How does Tara’s story demonstrate an interplay between individual agency and societal constraint?

What cultural socialization did Tara experience?

How did Tara’s experiences come to form her sense of self? A sociological examination means that you are defining and applying sociological theories and concepts from the module lectures to examples from the memoir.

Powerpoint citation example: Agency is “the ability to make choices and exercise a measure of control over one’sactions” (Module 1 “Symbolic Interaction” PowerPoint).

“Educated” citation example: DESCRIBE EXAMPLE (Westover 2018, p. 42-43).

**In order to get full credit for your sociological analysis, you must use full definitions of course concepts from the powerpoints and detailed examples from Educated with page numbers showing where the examples came from in the text. **