Eight Things They Dont Teach You in Project Management School

Eight Things They Dont Teach You in Project Management School

Read and Review “Eight Things They Don’t Teach You in Project Management School

  • Can you identify and list the ‘soft’ skills that are illustrated in this commentary?
  • Which of them do you consider most important in a business setting?

As always, please try to use the questions above simply to guide your reading: you do not need to specifically ‘answer’ them in your writing…as usual, you are asked to

Search for another article that explores employment forecasts and trends in the IT project management field. Write a brief review (between 200-500 words) that briefly explains the issue(s), and specifically how it (or they) relate to those set out in the lead articles AND how they affect individuals and organizations (allow 2 hours).

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Your review will attract a higher grade the more directly it relates to the points raised in the lead articles – and the extent to which it articulates agreements or disagreements. Using evidence (data) from the article that you find to challenge a view expressed is particularly welcomed.