elec engr computer methods

Using C

(Copy everything on a word document and submit the word document.)

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1. Please create pseudo codes and scripts that will do the followings (2 scripts total)

1) A script that will convert Pounds to Kilograms. (Use 220 lbs for example)

2) A script that will find the slope of a tangent line of y=x2 at x=0.5 and x = 1.

2. Please create a script that will do the followings (No pseudo code is required since we are just completing the given task)

1) Use ceil() function in C to find the smallest integer value greater than or equal to a= 1.6 and b = -5.2

2) Use floor() function in C to find the largest integer value less than or equal to c= 1.6 and d = -5.2

3) Use fabs() function in C to find the absolute value of e= 1.6 and f = -5.2. 4) Use log() function and log10 function to find the base e log value and base 10 log value of g = 100.

5) Use fmod() function to find the remainder of h divided by i1 when h = 9.7 and i1 = 3 and the remainder of h divided by i2 when h=9.7 and i2= 2.5.

6) Use sqrt() function to find the square root of j 2 +k2 when j = 3 and k =4.

7) Use pow() function to find 34 .

8) Use exp() function to find e3 .