elevator pitch cover letter resume


Complete the final versions of your customized elevator pitch, resume, and cover letter.

Share the position you are “applying for”.

  • Name of employer/organization:
  • Job title:
  • Main duties and responsibilities:
  • Educational requirements:
  • Skills you will need:
  • Values of the organization:
  • Why the position aligns with your target statement:Resume:
  • Your current contact information
  • Job objective / summary
  • Educational history
  • Experience: employment, volunteer experience, and extracurricular experience, ifapplicable
  • Special skills: Occupation-specific and transferable skills that relate to the position
  • Awards and achievements
  • Add a GRIT statement to improve your résumé:o This statement should show that you have undertaken an ambitious goal and used at least one element of GRIT (Growth mindset, Resilience, Instinct, Tenacity) to make it happen.Cover Letter:
  • Outline/draft the first paragraph of your cover letter.
    o The first paragraph should indicate the position you’re interested in applying for andhow you learned about the position. If a network contact knows people at the company to which you’re applying, consider mentioning that person’s name and your connection.
  • Outline/draft the next paragraph(s) of your cover letter.

o The next paragraph or two should explain why you’re suited for the job. If you have experience or qualifications that are of particular value to the employer, call them out clearly. If you have little experience but a solid education, mention it and any special awards that may interest an employer.

• Conclude your cover letter.
o The final paragraph should express your interest in the position and thank the

person for his or her time.

Elevator Pitch

  • Use at least three (3) key words that connect to the job requirements and how you want to portray your personal brand.
  • Include use at least one “gritty” word, such as tenacious, persistent, tough, resilient, agile, determined, and so on.
  • Your final speech should be direct, clear, highlight your best attributes, be no longer than three paragraphs, and should take no more than 30 to 60 seconds to deliver.

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