Emerging Literary Forms and Their Impact on Culture

Emerging Literary Forms and Their Impact on Culture and Society, writing homework help

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Evolving Literary Forms

2-3 pages, needs to have in text citations and low OV score. 4 sources

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When the written form emerged, it provided a historical record that showed what life was like during a specific moment in time. The language and descriptions used in literature give insight into the human experience. As the literary canon continues to grow and change, new forms continue to appear.

Research 2 different blogs, and imagine you are a guest writer who has been asked to write an article for one of them about how literature impacts your life. Choose from the list below, or choose 2 blogs of your own liking to compare. If the blogs is formal or casual, be sure to match the tone. Discuss the following:

  • How does literature directly impact you in your everyday life, from the screenplays that turn into the movies you like to watch to the books or other forms you read?
  • Talk about your favorite genre of literature. What is it about this genre that you like? What is your least favorite genre?
  • Discuss elements that are used across genres, such as setting, plot, characters, point of view, and symbolism.
  • How does literature provide a reflection of life? Through reading, how do you connect with an author and learn about his or her struggles, triumphs, and what he or she values?

Choose from 2 of the following blogs (or choose 2 that you find on your own):

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


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