Engagement and the Organization

Engagement and the Organization

Concerted action is required by the whole organization—not just individuals or isolated groups—to address engagement issues. It must be approached systematically as part of a “whole systems transformation effort” that tries to unleash individual, group and organizational engagement. Management’s role is to discover what disengages people and try to knock down those barriers—or perceptions of barriers. HR can facilitate the process, and individuals can accept responsibility to do soul-searching, find what will engage them more, and work to realize those goals.

A real goal of employee engagement should be to establish a joint organizational vision, excite people torealize that vision, explore practical ways to make that vision a reality, and work toward implementing that vision.

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Engagement is not the latest fad. But it can become a fad if it is undertaken without role modeling what full engagement looks like and expecting instant results. Building a climate of engagement should be the focus. Individuals should not be held to blame; rather, an organization’s leaders should re-examine everything that the organization does to support full engagement and what has happened that may have contributed to alienation. By doing so, leaders will show their genuine commitment to engagement and will beeffective role models for it.