Respond to the following questions:

1- What are the major contributions came from the Industrial revolution? Name at least 4

2- How did the industrial revolution impacted the engineering field?

3- Name at least 5 type of engineering involve in construction of water dam (last slide of the last powerpoint you got)

4- Who is considered to be the father of Skyscrapers?

5- Which City is considered to be the birth place of Skyscrapers?

6- Name two major precious metals that we have been using since the ancient times?

7- Clay becomes harder as it comes in contact with water. That is why we have used clays in making pots and plates-TRUE or FALSE

8- Armor making was a major contributor of engineering in the field of metal working. TRUE-FALSE

9- When did we started to create mechanically powered devices for measuring time:

a- Ancient time

b- Middle Ages

c- Modern time

10- In the Middle Agaes, “Quarantine” became an important consideration in control of infectious deseases; TRUE or FASLE

11- Cranes were created fir the first time in the:

a- Ancient time

b- Middle Agaes

c- Modern times

12- Many of  Leonardo’s inventions were made for which field of engineering:

a- Electrcial

b- mechanical

c- Military

13- Steel is the combination of “Iron” and “?”

a- Silicone

b- Mercury

c- Carbon

14- After the advent of gun powder:

1- Old fortifications became useless

2- Old fortifications continued to operate without any difficulties

3- The need for city walls started to disappear

4- 1 and 3 are correct.

15- Perepsective drawing is the proudction of what time period?

16- What was the primary element that changed the we create theories or scientificly based objects?

17- The imapct of Mongol invasion in all fields of engineering and in general in life in the Near East and Europe proved to be:

a- Minimal

b- Catastrophic

c- Mongols never invaded these areas

d- None of the above

18- What were the basic needs of human beings that provided all the grounds for scientific and engineering achievements?

19- Who do we consider to be one of the prolific figures in managment and also considered to be the father of car industries in Post WWII Japan?

20- Name five major field of engineering that are involved in creation of the typical objects noted below:

a- military Tank

b- Aircraft

c- Automobile

d- Modern Highways

e- Cell Phone

f- a liesure boat

h- Buildings

i- Submarines