English assignment

The Prologue from The Canterbury Tales and
The Prologue from The Canterbury Tales: The Remix
Geoffrey Chaucer and Patience Agbabi
An argumentative essay is a type of persuasive writing. Effective arguments share several qualities. First, they make a claim, the opening statement that sets forth the main point of the essay. Second, they use facts, examples, and quotations to support the claim. Last, they draw a conclusion that supports the claim.
In this writing assignment, you will draw a conclusion about what Agbabi’s work reveals about Chaucer’s “The Prologue” from The Canterbury Tales or about poetry itself. As the basis of your argumentative essay, use details from the two works, Agbabi’s delivery, and what you already know about the texts and poetry.
Argue one of the following two statements:
• Great literature should be reinterpreted and reimagined for new generations.
• Great literature is diminished when it is changed to suit modern tastes.
Directions: On a separate sheet of paper, create a chart in which you write your claim and reasons that support it. Then, use the chart and complete the following outline to prepare for writing your argumentative essay for the assignment on Agbabi’s poem, Chaucer’s poem, and poetry in general.
I. Claim

II. Reasons and Evidence to Support the Claim
A. Reason 1:
1. Evidence:
2. Evidence:
B. Reason 2:
1. Evidence:
2. Evidence:
III. Conclusion

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