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Topic approved by instructor: The use of internet and how it affects our communication.


Text:  Floyd, Kory (2017). Interpersonal Communication. Third Edition.McGrawHill, New York. ISBN: 9781307190458



  • The purpose of each student’s PowerPoint-supported presentation should be to inform the presenter’s audience. • Topic must be pre-approved by course instructor and must relate to the general area of human communication theory and practice.

You will create a PowerPoint on a topic related to an area of human communication. Please be aware that there is research required for this project. You are asked to use material from our text in addition to a minimum of three outside sources considered to be academic. Select a topic appropriate for your audience (college students), find support material (evidence through research) that explains, elaborates, or validates your topic. Create an introduction that grabs the audience’s attention, a body with the main points enhanced with visuals and media (see list below), and a conclusion that ends your project and takes one last opportunity to reinforce your main ideas. Finally, include your sources in a properly formatted list (APA preferred).  You are asked to include a minimum of 14 slides of content and a maximum of 22 slides. (I will accept more if you feel that it’s necessary). On these slides you are to include your researched information that is supported with in-text citations.  A minimum of 2 visual elements (in total) must be present to enhance your presentation, as indicated below.  In addition, an animation fade series should be used. This is when, on an individual slide, the sentences (or bulleted statements) are revealed one at a time or in blocks of text so that the viewer is not reading the entire slide at once, which, when giving an oral presentation, is distracting and keeps the audience attention on the slide and away from the presenter.  The newer PowerPoint programs in the last few years, have offered this ability by going to “Animation” in the blue bar.  After the text has been placed on the slide, choose how you want the sentences to fade or be revealed.  You are also required to include appropriate use of in-text citations within the PowerPoint along with a reference list as the final slide. APA format is preferred. Go to the following site for APA formatting info:


  1. PowerPoint Slides: 14 (minimum), 22 (maximum) 2. A minimum of 2 visual elements from the following list of components:  picture  link to an internet location  video clip  clip art  table  chart 3. You must include an animation fade series as explained above.  4. Where necessary for credibility, in text citations should be included.  5. A slide at the end of presentation is required to contain reference citations.  (APA or MLA format only) 6. The first and last slides should always begin and end a PowerPoint presentation on a blank version of the visual theme. When presenting, the audience should never see the “set-up” part of a PowerPoint presentation. They should only see the image, upon the screen, when the presenter is ready to begin with the first blank visual element showing. The final blank image should be removed from the screen, prior to closing the PowerPoint program file.

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