Epidemiology refers to the study of the distribution as well as the antecedents of health-associated occurrences or conditions in a particular populace together with the application of the latter study to the curbing of health difficulties. The quality of epidemiological inferences relies on four key terms: accuracy, precision, reliability, and validity.

Epidemiological methods and data are utilized by public health professionals either for population or community health assessment, to affect individual health decision-making in the population, for instance, cigarette smokers ceasing smoking. Three, data from epidemiologists can be used by clinical physicians as well as laboratory scientists for better understanding thus complementing the clinical outlook, in case of a disease outbreak. Finally, the bulk of epidemiological research and data is dedicated to seeking out diseases.

Epidemiology has two branches: analytical epidemiology and descriptive epidemiology. In analytical epidemiology, it strives to give the reason(s) as well as the explanation(s) of health-related occurrences while descriptive epidemiology it deals with the description of the dispersion of either health affiliated occurrences or conditions.

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