Essay on narrative analysis (i have a few question that can be chosen from) (Example)

Essay on narrative analysis (i have a few question that can be chosen from) (Example)

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Name Tutor Course 21st March 2018 An in-depth look at transmedia storytelling Every day as we scroll through our various social accounts in our phones tablets and computers a post comes up about how to develop engaging content for our websites either in Facebook Twitter or any other site. However these are just individual posts using different media but there is no connection between them. It is rare that professional marketers tell us that these single posts are part of a larger and more complex strategy that they are just a tiny part of the narrative body (Fiorelli). In a world where tons of information circulate every other second online for one to notice a brand content it indeed must be marvelous. So how do content marketers achieve this? They do so by incorporating the element of storytelling into their brands. However they merely tell us stories without saying and more immersed in the overall story. This transitioning leads to more captivation of the audience. In the process they find themselves sinking into the world of the narrative. As they do so they understand this world in more detail than before. A book may lead to a greater imagination of the world of the narrative but when a movie comes along that is visually appealing one sinks deeper into the plot.   Works cited Fiorelli Gianluca. “The Complete Guide to Transmedia Storytelling.” The state of Digital 19 Jan. 2016 Jenkins Henry. “The Revenge of the Origami Unicorn: Seven Principles of Transmedia Storytelling.” Confessions of an Aca-Fan. — “Transmedia storytelling.” Volume 1 (2009): 56. Scolari Carlos Alberto. “Transmedia storytelling: Implicit consumers narrative worlds and branding in contemporary media production.” (2009). Shepherd Sam. “Transmedia Storytelling and The Matrix – Sam Shepherd – Medium.” Medium Medium 5 Aug. 2015 []

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in this file, there’re the questions of the assignment. one should be chosen, with citing from other texts and academic articles if necessary, with a page of works cited according to MLA8. the course is narrative analysis, so other literary texts should be cited in the essay and given examples from. i need someone who’s experienced in English literature

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