Essay on Terrorism

Essay on Terrorism – Outline Provided, writing homework help

Complete instructions and guidance on the document.

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                Introduction: Describe what Terrorism is? (Background). Make sure it has a thesis ending sentence which include the topics of the body paragraphs.

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                Body Paragraph 1: Describe the incident of 911 terrorism attack towards the United States

                Body Paragraph 2: Describe Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

Incident (Describe the incident)

                Body Paragraph 3: Describe 2012 Aurora shooting

                Body Paragraph 4: Describe Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing.

                Body Paragraph 5: Describe Beslan Massacring

Body paragraph 6: describe bombing in France

                Body Paragraph 7: Your opinion on terrorism in general

Last paragraph: Conclusion

  • Please include a Works Cited Page and make sure it’s 6 pagesbut with the Works Cited page that makes it 7 pages.
  • Also, include other terrorist attacks as body paragraph’s if needed to complete the 6 pages, Please provide me with the websites of each source you used in a separate page
  • Make sure on each paragraph you at least cite from a source.