ethic dqs 1

Watch the videos and respond to the discussions questions 1 and 2. Provide answer under the questions. I do not need a paper

1. Swartz’s activities at MIT and his expressed philosophies are ethically justifiable. or Edward Snowden’s release of NSA intelligence ‘tools’ and ‘techniques’ to Wikileaks and the Chinese and/or Russian governments are ethically justifiable.

2. Which character, and their actions in this episode, is most ethically justifiable? Which character, and their actions in this episode, is least ethically justifiable?

3. Search the Internet for two rebranding strategies: For each example, include an “artifact” (a mash-up, picture, video, other visual representation) of the effort. Briefly describe the strategy used by the company/entity and why it was or was not successful. Include references or examples to support your arguments.

1. An example of a successful rebrandingstrategy.

2. An example of a rebranding strategy that was NOT successful.

4. Write a one-paragraph reflection comparing your previous life experiences to the knowledge you now have about impacts of mass media/professional communications. Have your perspectives changed? Why or why not?

5. Find a video clip, article, or example of a mass-media commercial. How do you believe you would have perceived the media impact of your example before our class (during weeks 2 & 3), and how do you now evaluate or analyze this type of exposure? How has our class changed or not changed your ability to view communication through multiple lenses?

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