evaluation rubric for nasp position statement reaction paper about family school collaboration services

  1. Critical Issue in School Psychology Paper: You will select a topic within a domain of practice, review relevant literature about the topic, and write a paper on how your topic relates to the practice of school psychology (15 pages maxiumum). Your paper should clearly communicate the topic/purpose of the literature review, a summary of the findings, a synthesis of the literature, and a conclusion focused on how the topic relates to the practice of school psychology. To facilitate the development of this paper, you will submit the Critical Issue Topic Selection Form by 11/26/2018
  2. Evaluation Rubric for NASP Position Statement Reaction Paperpage1image90142128
  3.  Clear identification of NASP’s position on the topic
  4.  Accurate paraphrasing of major points
  5.  Clear response as to why you agree or disagree with NASP’s position (i.e., why did you react the way you did?) based on your professional identity and school-based experiences
  6.  Support for your position using appropriate research citations
  7.  12pt Times New Roman font,1” margins
  8.  Maximum15 pages
  9. Additional comments: __________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

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