“Everyday” Technical Writing

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DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
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Find a piece of “everyday” technical writing either in your immediate surrounding or on the Internet. Examples of “everyday”
technical writing includes items such as a business card, a refrigerator magnet from a plumbing company, or a coupon. Take a
picture of the item and upload the image to your post. Please respond to the following questions in 150-300 words per question.
What elements of this writing make it technical?
How does the text’s language, design, and organization appeals to the targeted audience, purpose, and communication
Do you think that you create technical writing? If so, when? For what purposes? How often?
As you post,
Respond thoughtfully to at least 2 of your peers. Take note of their observations. Do they differ from yours? Provide insightful
responses to further the discussion and enhance the way we observe technical communication. This is a helpful exercise to help us
understand what makes a document work and what audiences respond to negatively and positively.
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(https:// Cameron Yancy
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1/16/2020 Topic: DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
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kroger-fake.jpg (https://unt.instructure.com/files/5106741/download?download_frd=1&verifier=8egCHUhPsM7b16xgfGTMq3Jk80pXP35U56D40oKK)

The piece I have included here is a Coupon for Kroger Marketplace stores. The general purpose of this coupon is to discount
people a certain amount of money for a certain type of product to increase interest in this store. With this particular coupon, it is a
40% off coupon for “all purchases in store”. The elements of this that make it technical writing is the fact it is created to convey
something. The message it is conveying is that it is redeemable for a discount on your purchase. The simple elements of
requirements, amount, and expiration give the end-user an easy understanding on how the coupon works, so they can redeem it
without difficulty.
The elements of this coupon use big bolded letters to instantly catch the costumers eyes. the “40% Off” is a huge bolded black
lettering that takes up the majority of the coupon, so that the purpose of the coupon is easily visible and understood. In smaller
lettering is the additional details that explain the terms of the coupon, so that a customer knows the details on how to properly
redeem this deal. Right next to the big letters, they have given the specific requirements, in this case, the requirements are “All
purchases in store”. Additionally, there’s an expiration date easily visible, designed at the top to clearly define that the coupon is
not unlimited in use. The creators of this coupon strategically mapped out the paper to entice passerby to recognize almost half
of your groceries could be taken care of, and then in smaller finer print, give you the details of the deal at hand. This is an easy
definition of Technical writing because its purpose is to explain something while at the same time represent the company as well.
In my life I would say I have used plenty of Technical Writing, even if I never considered it that. As a real estate professional,
almost all of my job is a form of Technical Writing. With my clients, I take long contracts, instructions on houses, and all the
details in between, and write up easy to follow, easy to understand documents so that my clients have as little stress and
confusion as possible. To me, this is just part of my business, but after starting this class and understanding more of what
technical writing is, i’d say this is an aspect of that. It occurs to me now that I use (and have been using) technical writing very
frequently, in my career.
(http Mariyah James

Your coupon seems to have an agenda to get more shoppers with such a great deal, and also encourage their regular
shoppers to spend more with the guarantee they’re going to get forty percent off of their purchase. The coupon also has a
1/16/2020 Topic: DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
https://unt.instructure.com/courses/27817/discussion_topics/356942?module_item_id=1394429 3/8
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large target audience which is all shoppers, as compared to my coupon example which has a very specific group of
customers in mind. I also agree with you that elements such as the coupon being clear and conveying a message are what
make the coupon a form of technical writing.
(https:// Britton Womble

  1. Multiple elements of this business card prove that the writer used technical writing in order to gain the audiences attention
    such as simplicity, identification of audience, and accessibility. This card is very concise on wether or not this card would be
    helpful for you because it simply states “Apartment Hunting?”. This shows technical writing because it was very easy to grasp
    and clear on what this card was promoting rather than writing long, wordy sentences to ask the same question. By just glancing
    at this card it is easy to identify the audience, which is college students searching for an apartment. This is a characteristic of
    technical writing because it addresses a particular audience. This card also states how accessible this website is, by presenting
    four separate ways you can access this website. The business card’s technical writing was very helpful because if it was long
    and wordy it would not be as successful.
  2. Just by looking at this card it is automatically appealing to the eye as it is simple and to the point. First, the font is very nice as
    it is easy to read for the audience, also since the font is fairly large it allows the audience to read it without squinting. Then, since
    the main question that determines wether or not the audience needs this card or not is bolded and in red lettering making the
    cards purpose very obvious to the reader. Then the card shows a vibrant, young, college student with apartment keys in their
    hand. This appeals to the audience because it implies that if you go through their service you will have an apartment in no time.
    Finally, the white background allows the card to stand out more as it is more vibrant than other colors and it allows the words and
    picture to pop. With these simple techniques the writer can easily gain the audiences attention without hesitation.
    1/16/2020 Topic: DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
    https://unt.instructure.com/courses/27817/discussion_topics/356942?module_item_id=1394429 4/8
    card 2.HEIC (https://unt.instructure.com/files/5107027/download?download_frd=1&verifier=TPXXvshSdegM4nXeWqMv57Bwz5mQJ8PUxt6CVINp)
  3. I do believe I use technical writing on a daily basis like when I text, plan, and explain. Texting has become apart of everyones
    life since it is an easy form of communication, however I would much rather talk on the phone if it is a long and extensive subject
    so I try to make my texts as short and concise as I can. Then, like almost every other college student I write everything in my
    planner to ensure I do not forget any assignments, although I don’t have much space to fit all the information so I have make
    sure I only write down the information vital to that assignment so I have room to fit any other assignments I may have. Finally, I
    tend to join a lot of study groups in order to ensure that I know the information so to help myself and others out. So when I am
    trying to explain something to another student I want to make sure to not use to many words or else it might become more
    Cameron Yancy

    Britton, I definitely agree with your point that the magic is in the simplicity. The ability to just ask “Apartment Hunting” with a
    successful student having keys implies a very simple process that isn’t confusing. One thing I think that is interesting that
    you included in your analysis that I never thought of until you pointed it out was the effective use of the white background. To
    me, I just kind of acknowledged that there was a white background, but once you explained how it’s use of color makes it
    stand out, it actually clicked in my head.
    I also appreciate what you say when you text simple concise messages, as I do the same thing.
    (http Mariyah James

    My coupon too targeted a very specific audience which were college students. Like your coupon, my coupon also has a
    quick phrase in big and bold letters to catch the attention of the college student. I didn’t think my texts were a form of
    1/16/2020 Topic: DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
    https://unt.instructure.com/courses/27817/discussion_topics/356942?module_item_id=1394429 5/8
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    technical writing until you explained it. When I text I do have to be clear and speak a certain way that’s appealing towards
    the person I’m texting at that moment.
    (http Heaven Cannister

    I certainly agree with you, Britton. Being that it says “apartment hunting” and has a student hold keys does imply that the
    the targeted audience is a college student. I never really envisioned that background could have something to do with an add.
    Like you mentioned the white background, which was a good pointed out detail. Companies, businesses, etc do tend to use
    color to grab people’s attention. Great way to point it out
    (https:// Mariyah James

    The “everyday” technical writing example I used was the Whataburger coupon that was being handed out on campus. This coupon is a form of technical writing because it uses effective communication to capture its target audience, which are college students. The coupon uses the phrase” And you thought your textbooks were thick” to catch the attention of college students who are in the process of buying textbooks during the first week of school. The coupon also uses the word “thick” which is a
    popular word amongst the average age group attending college. Another reason this coupon is a form of technical writing is
    because it’s simple and clear to the consumer. The coupon simply states that you’ll receive a free Whataburger if you purchase a
    medium fry and thirty-two-ounce drink.
    1/16/2020 Topic: DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
    https://unt.instructure.com/courses/27817/discussion_topics/356942?module_item_id=1394429 6/8
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    whataburger.jpg (https://unt.instructure.com/files/5110221/download?download_frd=1&verifier=MQON9LdeNLWkdZymztzsSMJG0tvQUvXmJjySaVBf)

    I do believe that I use a form of technical writing when forming emails to send to future recruits for the organization I’m a part of. I
    often send the email at the beginning of the semester, offering basic information about our organization to the people interested.
    I also appeal to my target audience which is college students by mentioning our organization provides food during the
    Cameron Yancy

    Similar to my coupon example I agree they use a captivating feature to draw in a targeted audience. I think they did a good
    the job of strategically making a joke that is really relatable this time of the college semester (as everyone is buying textbooks
    like you said). Overall it’s a good use of technical writing because it conveys to the audience in a non-confusing manner how
    you can take advantage of Whataburger as a college student.
    (HTTP Heaven Cannister

    My coupon didn’t particularly target college student as the audience, but Mariah it does also use bold letters to catch
    people’s attention. I believe many companies use that technique because they know that’s all people pay attention to. I think
    that is a great way to point that out, I feel as if you were sort of thinking as me.
    1/16/2020 Topic: DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
    https://unt.instructure.com/courses/27817/discussion_topics/356942?module_item_id=1394429 7/8
    (https:// Heaven Cannister

    The item i have below is a Dominoes Pizza coupon. Numerous aspects of this coupon shows that the company used
    technical writing to grasp the audience attention. Their purpose of making the coupon is to help customers save money, with
    such a low price for any size pizza including five topics for $9.99 will captivate interest at the store. By looking at the coupon the
    the audience isn’t specifically nobody particular. The audience may could be anyone. Everyone orders pizza. The message it sends
    is that it’s redeemable for discounted prices by using the code. It always portrays an extirpation date to get more sales. My
    coupon technical writing was very helpful and useful. It gave a lengthy amount of information, and it was sure to include important
    information needed per usage. I and a group of friends actually used the coupon to order a pepperoni, ham, and sausage
    Just by taking a glance at this coupon it automatically uses bold fine print to catch the customer’s attention. Making the
    “$9.99” bold will probably be the first thing people see. Typically companies make useful information explaining the terms and conditions. For instance, Dominoes gave additional information “after 9 PM Deal” “it doesn’t apply for all locations and also it is a
    limited time offer. Additionally, there is an expiration date implying the deal is limited. Usually, the sales rate increase when there is a deal. Knowing that people don’t really pay attention companies to makes things hard to see because they know that the audience only looks at what’s bold and easily noticeable. Not only but also, they made it to wear big bold letters it says “with carryout or delivery” but then, in smaller letters, it says it may be a delivery fee. Businesses know how to get people. with this approach, the company can easily gain the audience’s attention.
    In my personal life, I do believe i use technical writing on a daily basis. For instance, when I send text messages, make snap chats
    , or even an Instagram post i am using technical writing. When i type up my captions or messages I am using words giving
    information or details to help a person understand me. I prefer to be on the phone sometimes, then at other points, I like to text,
    and when I text I tend to use slang but I know how to properly talk and articulate my point. My mother feels as if i continue to use
    slang that is how I am going to always talk. She feels as if when it comes to a professional profession I am not going to know
    how to carry myself, but i feel as if she is wrong. I know how to speak. When I’m speaking in public I want to be sure to articulate.
    1/16/2020 Topic: DO: Examine “Everyday” Technical Writing
    https://unt.instructure.com/courses/27817/discussion_topics/356942?module_item_id=1394429 8/8
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    (http Heaven Cannister
    2020-01-16T05:20:18.705Z.jpg (https://unt.instructure.com/files/5111681/download?download_frd=1&verifier=4BDrfvAB2HwTwQDYUH1WIrNBORbGA78sFuCQ7RVi)

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