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write book review of Michael J. Sandel-Justice_ What’s the Right Thing to Do

3 typed pages, single-space, 10pt font, Times New Roman, justified margins –

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Heading Include the bibliographic information of the article –

Introduction: Identify what your review intends to do; Include the author & title again ; Include a very brief overview of the article, its purpose, & your reaction/evaluation •

Background Information o Place the article in context and discuss the criteria for judging the article/book –

Summary: Discuss the main points of the article/book, quoting & paraphrasing key ideas from the author –

Evaluation: Your evaluation, consider the following – • How well the article/book achieves its goal • What is the central lesson of the article/book • What are the article/book’s strengths and shortcomings What personal experiences have you related to the subject

Conclusion: Provide a final overview o Suggested recommendations for further research Why thic otudu mnttoro