Evolution in a cross-disciplinary context

Evolution in a cross-disciplinary context


Students in science and non-science majors of all years are welcome to take EEB214. This means that many of you are pursuing career paths in many different fields. Knowing about evolution should concern us all as humans to understand our origins and our relationships with other organisms. However, many times, evolutionary principals can also help us understand, not only the natural world, but other phenomena happening in other branches of knowledge.

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The purpose of this project is for you to think creatively about how evolutionary principals could be applied to other fields and vice versa. For example, diffusion models have been used successfully to study processes in population genetics, economics, and communication; tree- like graphs have been used to depict not only evolutionary relationships between organisms and individuals in a population, but also to represent and study connectivity and circuits in electrical engineering, and the relationships and evolutionary origins of languages; adaptive modelling in machine learning can help guide civil engineers in how to design and maintain durable infrastructure, as well as features in video games. You could also write about principals or concepts in your field that have been adopted in evolutionary biology. Really, the sky is the limit.