Evolution of Federalism Discussion

Evolution of Federalism Discussion

this assignment should be super easy and shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes max. i’ve listed all the information below.

1 page, double spaces, 12 point font. (for each paper) so it is a total of 2 pages. Please answer the lecture questions concerning Federalist 10 and 39.

here are the lecture questions for the first article:

1. What are factions? (What would we call them today?)

2. What is a republic? Madison’s definition or features of a republic

3. Which is better? Small or large republic? (Madison’s answer and why?

this is the article:


here are the lecture questions for the second article

Read Federalist 39. Please summarize the main points (you should expect to spend 1 page summarizing) and explain who you think was Madison’s specific audience given the discussion in lecture?

  • Features of a republic (additional features that Madison discusses)
  • Meaning of:
  1. National — define and give examples/the way Madison describes it
  2. Federal — define and give examples

Also figure out what would be the equivalent in our government today of the way Madison describes these terms.

here is the article:


there are also additional topic questions you could incorporate if you need to fill up the page, but i feel like that should be enough.

  • Best size of a federal system/what is the best size for a nation to be? (federal systems worked best in small nations)
  • Best allocation of power/who should be more powerful? The central government, the state government, how much power should each have?
  • Best way to protect against centralization? We don’t want one level of government taking all the power
  • Are federations better or worse at promoting stability? Will the people of the nation be happier or more stable?