Experiences Between the Young and Older People Responses

Harvard School Al Experiences Between the Young and Older People Responses

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My post: Discussion Topic: Book Club Disc
Individually, I found the issue of healthy living interesting to me over the reading. I came
to understand that healthy living revolves not only around one’s diet but also how one conducts
oneself regarding various physical and mental issues. Healthy living is a fundamental aspect as it
ensures that individuals can effectively perform their tasks without straining (Applewhite, 2016,
p. 11). I related and was interested in healthy living as it is the cornerstone towards being
mentally stable. Healthy living leads to a better mental state and fewer health risks that might
affect an individual’s day-to-day life. Even though I understood almost all the presentations
during the reading, I found it challenging to understand the issue of aging and its circumstances.
Aging has been a matter of concern to me during the class as I tried to figure out what factors
could lead to or happen while we age. It is even more insane that some sections of the population
have attempted to develop ways to delay aging (Applewhite, 2016, p. 58). I hope to understand
these through conducting various research and reading a lot of publications on the topic of aging
and new scientific genetic modifications.