Exploratory Essay”gender in pop culture”

Exploratory Essaygender in pop culture”

Length: 4-6 pages (approx. 1000-1500 words


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·       a clear issue question that you want to explore


·       a minimum of 4 sources, covering multiple perspectives on your issue


·       a summary of each source (see the “Summary Criteria” handout for more information)


·       a response to each source, including both believing and doubting points



Format/Citations:  The essay should follow the conventions of Edited American English and MLA-style formatting. Additionally, you should note any formatting guidelines listed on the syllabus or discussed in class. All information from your sources should be cited according to MLA citation style. See Writing Arguments Ch. 17 for detailed information MLA guidelines (383-397). You should include both in-text citations and a Works Cited page.




I also attached  paper which has more info about the essay