explore the similarities and differences in how two literary works treat one or more common themes 1

5 pages mla style paper

-Your goal, in discussing how the two texts you select represent the shared theme, is to support an argument about what the authors’ similar and/or different treatments of the theme help us to understand about the theme.

the two stories that i have chosen are; – ” story of an hour” and “the yellow wallpaper”

– the common theme is ( women suffrage) but if you can find more common themes that will make it easier to write the five pages.

– thesis statement which explains how the way in which the two texts treat a shared theme says something about the ways the theme can be

represented in fiction.

the attachments:

1- the essay description( please read carefully)

2- a powerpoint that helps understanding how to compare the two themes ” should be helpful to skim through it”

3- the two stories are in one file in the same order that i mentioned them.

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