External Pressures on Media Professionals Discussion

Length: Approximately 300+ words per question (about one page per each set of study questions plus one page of commentary) 1200–1500 words
Format: Respond to questions using well-developed paragraphs.
Criteria: There is no need to cite sources unless you use a direct quote or refer to a specific claim or set of ideas.
Topic: Many news organizations have articulated professional ethical standards. However, economic and political interests may lead journalists and their employers to choose to override ethical considerations in order to promote personal or corporate interests. This assignment asks you to focus on specific dimensions of these pressures.
For each of the units in Part 3, choose one set of study questions (i.e., one reading) to respond to. You do not need to literally answer every question, but compose a thoughtful reflection on the topic using them as guidelines. Finally, write a concluding commentary summarizing what you have learned by explaining connecting themes and arguments.