Family Communication and Ageism

Family Communication and Ageism Discussion

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Cuyamaca College




  • Frist one
  • Find a current example of ageism in the news. Provide a link for everyone to view the example.
  • Indicate what aging generation/cohort is being targeted in your example (baby boomers, generation Xers, millennials, etc.).
  • Discuss how conflict theorists and functionalist theorists might explain this act of discrimination.
  • Second one two different things and I choose this topic family communication for our topic because knowing about family culture is important for people to understand each others and live a happy life.
  • Before you start the discussion, please review the topic list for group presentations and Extra Credit 1 assignment if group has not decided on topic.This week’s assignment has the purpose to discuss the topics for group presentation and agree on one topic after the discussion.This is a group discussion with only the members of your group. You are also encouraged to further research topic and use textbook as your guide. Remember: When citing a source that is not your own, indicate where you found the information using MLA style. The OWL of Purdue (Links to an external site.) is a good resource for using MLA style.Contribute your initial post to our discussion by Thursday, 11:59 p.m. In your post please include the following, which will be worth 8 points:
    1. State your choice for topic of group presentation.
    2. Explain why this topic is important for close relationships. Take into consideration the types of interpersonal relationships such as friendship, family, romantic, and workplace. For example, listening skills in families help to reduce conflict and manage conflict better. See also the the Group Presentation assignment that gives the example of poor listening habits for married couples.
    3. What is one identified challenge within your topic. For example, what problem can be identified in family communication? See example in the assignment description about listening. What can be done to resolve this problem? Use your research and/or textbook for possible solution.

    Reply to at least two other post in the discussion for 7 points total. This needs to be 100 words minimum. Please post your initial discussion in a timely manner so that your group members have ample time to respond. Please respond to at least two posts in this discussion by Saturday, 11:59 p.m.