Field Business Concepts Based Research

Field Business Concepts Based Research Paper

Write 5-7 pages on 5 to new ideas or concepts that you learned from your interview. We are looking to see what you have learned from going out in the field and prospecting for an experienced business to business sales professional which lead to the interview and provided you with all this new information based on the quality of the questions you’ve asked.Every group will have different experiences in the information they will gather but here are some examples of what you may want to share: you may have learned somenew ideas on prospecting, handling objections, networkingor securing sales.


Breakdown of the Field Based Research Paper:

1. One page on how you and your partner prospected and secured a face to face appointment with your Business toBusiness sales professional. How did you create your list, why you chose who you chose? How many calls did you make before you gained a commitment for a meeting? What successes, failures and challenges did you encounter?

2. Maximum of one page for each new idea or concept you learned from this interview (minimum o fto a maximum of 7new ideas or concept).

3. Reflection —one page summary of your thoughts and experiences in conducting this research paper.