film essay 7

As we have seen in the film clips and literary excerpts last and this week, and as we will see repeatedly through the term, in addition to community, culture, relationships, there is a quality of power and influence with food, for good and/or for bad.

For this assignment, write an academic essay discussing how food is used as a form of power or tool to influence people, whether for good or bad, in the materials we have seen and read. Use examples from the materials we have been looking at. Be sure to use the terminology we reviewed for Elements of Literature and Film. You might also choose to use some research sources as further examples and/or to support your thoughts and points, and/or to show how “food as a tool of power” might apply in real life. Remember, though, that the focus is on the use of food in the materials for the class.

This is an academic essay, so it should be written in 3rd person point of view, with no use of 1st person (I, me, my) or 2nd person (you). Be sure to format this using MLA paper formatting guidelines. All sources (including examples from films and literature) must have proper MLA in-text citations and full citations on a Works Cited page. Remember to thoroughly proofread and edit.

This essay should be 750-1000 words long.

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