final essay argument topic proposal 1

Listen to Professor Kenyon’s audio lecture on Essay Two (embedded below)

  • In this lecture I go over the details of some vital sections of the essay two assignment sheet and give you some tips for thinking about your argument and completing the free writing exercise

Complete and Submit Essay Two argument proposal

  • Refer to the Essay 2 Assignment Sheet
  • Complete the instructions in the section titled, Developing and Exploring an Argument: A Freewriting Exercise. These should be completed in a notebook and will not be submitted, however, you will use these detailed exercises and responses to develop your argument. One of those documents that you can download here is called Raise Questions to Discover Ideas.
  • From these notes decide how you plan to argue for the role your theme plays in creating change in the novel.
  • Submit a (50+ word) proposal for your argument to this assignment.

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