final portfolio 3

Hello, I have attached a “final portfolio guide”

For the revisions please highlight the changes.

**This is fantastic! Your sources look great—well balanced and interesting. My only suggestion for revisions is to refocus your research question a bit. Your question is pretty broad/vague. My suggestion at this point is to go ahead and start thinking about your thesis statement and organizational strategy. Carry on! I’m excited to read your paper!

^^My instructor’s note about the Annotated Bibliography essay

Great revisions! The only thing left to do now is bulk up the summaries of both articles and move the summaries to the beginning of paragraph 2.

^^My instructor’s note about the Source Evaluation essay

For the “My voice project” I still haven’t received any feed back so just put it in as it is

^^ same goes for the Persuasive research paper

Let me know if you have any questions

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