Final project-17 pages excluding title page and references

include citations with page number. include cite references retrieved 

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1. Introduction-Summarize the community and the health issue (the community is Albany, GA- the primary health issue is diabetes). 

2. State concisely one or more possible theories that might guide the intervention, and explain why these theories.

3. State key objectives of the intervention and how they link to the theories or parts of the theories.

4. Explain how the theories could drive the intervention. Which elements of the theories work well and which do not apply to the intervention?

5. Compare the chosen theories with two other theories, and explain why certain elements or entire theories were rejected.

6. Describe strengths and weaknesses of the theories chosen.

7. Dscribe how the theories might be applied using other theory-based examples from the literature of interventions for this public health issue.

8. If appropriate, could your study use a conceptual framework? If so, briefly explain how this conceptual framework could fit with the intervention.

9. Provide a brief summary of the scholar-practitioner final project