Find The Average Monthly Temperature For Your Local Area For The Last Year

Find the average monthly temperature for your local area for the last year.

  1. Draw a scatter plot of the data
  2. Plot your data and from the resultant graph find its sinusoidal curve of best fit (see worked example 9 in Section 4.5 of your textbook for a similar problem). Use the function form y=Asin(ωx-Φ) +B. Note that credit will not be given if you just use software to obtain the parameters in the above sine function.
  3. Graph the sinusoidal function together with the scatter plot for comparison

This can be done with paper and pencil. Take a picture with your phone and include it in your posting. Or you may of course use a scanner or a camera and edit down the image. You can also use spreadsheet software such as MS Excel, though the utility found here is easier to use and has a more intuitive interface.

Once you have completed your graph, please tell us about the source of your data and the city where you live. Post your data for each month and give the equation for the sinusoidal function that you found using your graphing utility. Discuss how closely it resembles y = sin x.

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