Find time interest earned and gross profit margin for Alphabet Inc. (Google) for 2016 and 2015 and Apple Inc. and compare and contrast. Apple Inc….

gross margin 84,263

84,262/215,636 = 39.08%

Google (Alphabet Inc.)

2016: can’t find these figures- help


Apple Inc. Time: Time Interest Earned (TIE)

2016: 1,456/61372 (interest expense / income before provision for income taxes) p. 27 and 39

= 42.151098 times or 42.15 times

2015: 733/72515 ( interest expense/ income before provision for income taxes)

=98.929058 or 99.93 times

Google (Alphabet Inc. )Time Interest Earned (TIE)

2016: 124/6,857 = 55.29 times (interest expense / income from operations before income taxes) pg. 33

2015: 104/5,200 = 50.00 or 50 times

Below are both 10K for Apple Inc. and Google (Alphabet Inc.) .

Can you check my figures and also help me find the figures for Google for gross profit margin?

·       apple:

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