Finishing up power systems project

I have a project who has been done in a pdf but its missing the ” m.files and the mdl.files ” 


The only thing missing that needs to be completed are the method needed to be used where are the values needed to use in MatLab are provided in the pdf. 

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Here are the methods that are needed to be done each with it’s own “m.file” and “mdl.file” :


a. Digitized PID
b. Direct Methods (Closed Form )

c.Direct Methods  (with Diophantine)


d. Pole Placement (Ackerman’s Formula)

e. Optimal Control


Please let me know if can finish the rest of this project where it does not need much except for the MatLab only (Both “m.files” and “mdl.files “)


Due time is 10 PM , WED.