fire and safety

Being an executive officer in F&S (Fire and Safety) department of a reputed Oil and Gas

industry of Oman you are required to prepare a technical report on following matters.

The report should contain various aspects including importance of Fire safety in Oil and

Gas field by describing loss arose during earlier accidents and their possible causes with

health. safety and environmental effects. Role and importance of Fire Safety department. You

need to find possible F&S challenges associated with Oil and Gas operations to implement

concrete remedies. Detailed description is given as follows:


A. Introduction: Importance and need of Fire and Safety in Upstream and

Downstream Industry.

B. Policy: Develop a comprehensive safety policy draft with a commitment for its

implementation by all employees throughout the organization

C. Statistical survey and analysis of accidents: Interpret following table using

different graphs.

Note: An attachment related to task “C” has been uploaded.

D. Critical review: Fire, Safety and Environmental challenges during drilling and

transportation of Oil and Gas.

E. Critical review: Fire, Safe and Environmental challenges in Fractional distillation 15

and flaring process.

*** Word count: 1850 words

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style

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