follow the guidelines and write 2 pages for the following case 1


It has been 25 years and Shawn has grown his company to over 1000 employees and outsourced his manufacturing of his products to overseas cutting cost dramatically. Since he now has an office in 3 other countries he needs to make sure he is being careful about his communications across cultures. Shawn and his HR team will write a 2-page internal document explaining why it is important to communicate across cultures effectively and what are some best practices they all need to adhere to when traveling to other locations for business purposes. Also, Shawn and HR need to ensure they put some options for sensitivity training and culture trainings to ensure success with this new venture.


1. Including header like this:

TO: Professor-LaShawn McCoy

FROM: Your name



2. Should be in 1.5 spaced, NOT DOUBLE SPACED

3. Should have introduction, body and conclusion

4. Avoid grammar and words errors

5. Avoid incomplete sentences or though.

6. The paper should flow from introduction to conclusion

*Tips or Bonuses will be include for good work.*

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