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Business Case: Implement Modda’s Customer Portal (MCP)

In less than five years, Modda has grown from a single store to a small chain of fashion clothing stores in a few NY City and Long Island neighborhoods. The executive management has recently considered introducing additional product lines, such as watches, small appliances, rugs and selected (small) furniture.

However, Modda’s expansion has been hindered by the fact that its operating model remained largely unchanged; specifically, its reliance on a single sales channel (“bricks-and-mortar”).

As a result, the executive management identified the following strategic objectives:

  • Develop additional sales channels (desktop website and mobile-based)
  • Improve marketing campaigns’ efficiency
  • Optimize core processes, such as product selection, inventory management, etc.

To support the above goals, the IT division identified the need for a large technology program, which will include the following major projects

  • Develop and implement a leading-edge company portal, which will enable the consumers to make on line purchases using their computers, tablets or smart phones
  • Provide extensive BI / analytics capabilities
  • Implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application to address the business needs around inventory management, shipping, etc.

Your Role

You have been designated as the project manager for the phase 1 of the “Modda Consumer Portal” (MCP) project. One of your first tasks is to contribute to the project activities plan and schedule.

Deliverables: Create a project activity plan based on the IT and business objectives.

Note: convert your excel table to Pdf format, 2 pages max, and 12 font size minimum.

This Assignment is related to Chapter 6.

Microsoft project link: Link:

You should be able to create your project activity plan (WBS and Gantt Chart) in Excel. Or you can use the MS project license in NYU Labs.

Information about assignment 2:

1- Make sure you do your readings. This assignment is based on chapter 6.

2- Activity Plan is WBS and Gantt Chart. This should be obvious if you have done your readings ahead of time and if you went through the PPs

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