For Phyllis Young: Treating the Substance Abuser and his Family Presentation


Treating the Substance Abuser and his Family Presentation


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Please read over very carefully and if there are any questions please ask



Harvey is married and has 2 teenage children. Harvey has been heavily drinking on a regular basis for the past 10 years.  In the past his wife often covered for him with his job, and usually made excuses for him with his children and his friends. Harvey has not attended his son’s baseball games this year, and he missed his daughter’s performance in the school play due to having been passed out from drinking. At this time, he is at risk for losing his job due to excessive absences, and he was recently arrested for a DUI. Harvey has realized that his drinking is adversely affecting all aspects of his life and he is ready to quit.






Create an 14-16 slide Power Point presentation to discuss treatment plans for Harvey and his family. Just provide bullet points on slides, use the speaker notes in the slide show to further discuss the topics on each slide in detail . In addition make sure you have a title slide and a slide with references (in APA format). 


  Please reference at least two peer-reviewed journal articles in your presentation, (1, 2)



  the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), ( 3)



Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5), explain the   criteria Harvey meets:



Drugs in Perspective: (Textbook) (4)


Richard Fields

Edition / Copyright:

8 / 2013


McGraw-Hill Companies, The




and along with 4 other references making it a totol of : (5, 6, 7, 8)



8       References in all supporting the slides and speaker notes


  Must provide   In your presentation:

 Evaluate the following methods of treatment and develop a treatment plan for Harvey: Alcoholics Anonymous, Transactional Analysis, and Family Systems Therapy. Please:

 Provide  an assessment of Harvey’s situation and what he needs from treatment. Evaluate and discuss the at least one pro and con of each of the following treatment methods: Alcoholics Anonymous , Transactional Analysis and Family Systems Therapy.  Develop a treatment plan  for Harvey: Choose at least one of the above treatments for the plan. Address at least two issues that Harvey needs to resolve in treatment. Include at least three steps for Harvey’s recovery.

 Explain Brief Strategic Family Therapy and when it is used. Next, do the following:

 Develop a treatment plan for Harvey’s wife. Address her specific needs as the spouse of a substance abuser. Include at least three steps for her recovery. Take care that this plan is specifically addressing her recovery, and not how she can help Harvey recover. Develop a treatment plan for Harvey’s children: Address their specific needs as adolescent children of a substance abuser Include at least three steps for their recovery. Recommend at least two substance use prevention strategies aimed at adolescent children of substance abusers.



Choose one of the following cultures: Hispanic, African American, or Asian American , and analyze how being a part of this culture might affect Harvey and his family’s treatment and recovery.  Explain at least two issues present in treating substance abuse within that culture.




Speaker notes must be detailed and supported by the references and cited correctly. Must use references to support the work completely


Please check for spelling and grammar errors, and proofread for errors before submitting. Must use United States/English words




No abbreviations or plagiarism