Due June 1, 2015 (Monday)

Please use the attachement.


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Reflection Paper

The reflection paper should include the following areas:

 Brief intro to the patient and chief complaint Patient Perspective of “disease” – what is it like for the patient to have this chief complaint?  How is it affecting his or her life?  What is the impact?  Attention should be paid to the suffering experienced by the patient.  Include a description of the patient’s fears and concerns of what is happening to him or her.  If appropriate include information about the patient’s preferences for end-of-life care and decision-making. Summarize any areas of concern after reviewing the patient’s history Overview of risk areas based on family history and personal history (example…if the patient’s family has a strong history of cardiac disease, you would include a discussion of the patient’s increased risk of cardiac disease )  Overview of the spiritual assessment that you completed with the patient.  What was it like for YOU to ask these questions of the patient?  What did you learn about spirituality from talking with this patient?

Please no plagarism as this university is very strict.


Thank you!