For the week 8 assignment, you will submit a formal proposal to your division manager AnneBrown, recommending a strategy the company could adopt to go green.

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For the week 8 assignment, you will submit a formal proposal to your division manager AnneBrown, recommending a strategy the company could adopt to go green. In week 6 you willsubmit an outline of the enTre proposal, as well as the introducTon of the proposal itself.Remember, the goal of the proposal is to recommend a sustainable green strategy the companycan adopt to reduce the carbon footprint by 25%. ±he primary audience is your divisionmanager, Anne Brown; however, your proposal will probably be read by anyone in uppermanagement.As part of the planning stage, you will research 3-4 green strategies and decide on a speci²cstrategy (e.g., reducing printer waste such as paper and ink; phasing in an energy e³cient ´eetof vehicles; installing solar panels or wind turbines to power the o³ce building, etc.). Or you canresearch a general area such as physical faciliTes, recycling, transportaTon, etc. Just make surethe soluTon is broad enough so that you’ll be able to talk in depth about the one recommendedstrategy.For your research, you need to ²nd a variety of sources (at least six). Some sources may be foundthrough the DeVry library, while others could be found through internet research. ±o use libraryresources, go to the Student Resources tab (under Course Home), click Library, and familiarizeyourself with the menu in the upper leµ hand corner. Explore various sources, including theonline librarian. A good place to become familiar with this topic is Green Business PracTces forDummies (2009) by Lisa Swallow, which is available through DeVry’s online library, as well asaddiTonal online sources listed in the Webliography. Make all sources are credible. ±o avoidplagiarism, all borrowed material must be cited correctly using APA guidelines.±he recommended range for the proposal is 1250-1750 words, and it should include thefollowing parts:Front Ma¶er±itle page±ransmi¶al CorrespondenceReport ProperIntroducTon (each of the four secTons listed below will be second-level headings under
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IntroducTon)Background of the Problem: Provide an overview of problem/situaTon and its importance. ±hisis a criTcal secTon. It should describe the problem currently and reasons why the proposal isbeing wri²en.Statement of Purpose: ±he statement of purpose is essenTally the same as a thesis statement foran essay or paper. It only needs to be a sentence or two long.Sources and Methods: ±o establish credibility, discuss the types of research material selected tosupport the proposed soluTon and how the material will be used in the proposal. NO±E: Youdon’t make a list of sources like you would for a References page.Report OrganizaTon: Provide an overview of the various secTons of the report so the reader isaware of the direcTon and organizaTon of the report to follow.Discussion (each of the three secTons listed below will be second-level headings underDiscussion)SoluTon and BeneFts: IdenTfy your soluTon and discuss its beneFts. Include a visual.Cost: ±his secTon should include individual costs to the organizaTon, but may also include anycost savings that may be realized. Include a table to help readers visualize what is presented inthis secTon.Conclusion and RecommendaTon: Review the issues that led to the proposed soluTon andclearly state the recommendaTon you want the reader to implement.Conclude the report with a brief statement that expresses a posiTve senTment or statement.End Ma²erReferences (at least six credible sources in APA format)Appendices (if applicable)
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