forum question 66

This is a discussion between students in a class Forum I need a apply to this student with at least 190 words. Your thoughts? Please your own words, No Plagiarism please

Web based training does have advantages. It does provide more flexibility for the learner. Organizations can utilize web based trainng for more than higher education. Web based training can link employees in one facility so they can communicate with employees in other facilities and parts of the world. Web based trainng does address time differences.

But there are also disadvantages to web based training that is done on line. There is no live interaction between the learner and the instructor. So it is hard to know if the learner is grasping the content and the learner has limited opportunity to ask questions for clarity. Web based training also requires equipment be available for employees.

The key to web based training and any form of technology to train is to understand the advantages and limitations. What needs to be evaluated is which method can best meet the learning objectiveHR

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