foster American individuality and equality

foster American individuality and equality? , writing homework help

Some historians argue that the frontier was the cradle of liberty, that it created the individual American spirit of equality. Other historians claim that the frontier was a multiethnic place full of inequality. Using the materials provided, explain both arguments. How did the West create and foster American individuality and equality? In what ways was the West a place of discrimination and inequality?


Be sure to give your essay careful thought, and answer in complete sentences. You will be graded for your ability to bring all of the information that has been provided into a cohesive essay. Make sure to be specific, and do not editorialize unless the essay specifically calls for your opinion. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use as much of the provided materials as is pertinent to the essay. This is a formal essay and will also be graded for grammar and spelling. Write no more than 750 words. Part of this assignment is about being able to write concisely. 750 words is more than enough to answer the question if you focus your answer and supporting information. The word count prevents the “kitchen sink” approach, which is not good essay-writing.

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