Fundamental Budget Planning for Outside Clients Excel Problems

Fundamental Budget Planning for Outside Clients Excel Problems

Intermediate Financial Management 13th Edition Author Brigham

  • Please refer to the “Assignments – Use of Excel” resource under the General Course Content tab for more guidelines on the MANDATORY use of Excel
  • Complete the PROBLEMS: (Details mandatory for full credit!)
    • Chapter 2: Problems: C2P2
    • Chapter 6: Problems: C6P1
    • Chapter 7: Problems: C7P2
  • Complete in Excel
  • Using Excel

    • The requirement for this course is that all Problem-sets involving calculations must be completed using Excel’s calculation capabilities.
    • I must be able to see your answer and the “Cell Contents” including the detailed formulas supporting your answer.
    • Providing the “Answer Only” without details will earn you a maximum of 65% assuming the answer is correct, and “Zero” if it is not.
    • Providing the assignment in any other format other than Excel “will not” be accepted.
    • You can attach a Work-Document where any written analysis is required, but
      • Excel MUST accompany the submission supporting any analysis.
        • Using “Insert>Textbox” is your best approach to solve this issue and avoids have to use distinct applications.

    The Weekly Summary should include:

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    • Response to the following “Five Points”
    • Be a minimum 1- 2 pages of text.
    • Some of you may feel that your current position does not lend itself to addressing these questions.
    • You are welcome to hypothesize how these would apply assuming you were an advisor, or decided to go into business for yourself in the future;

    General Format (Five Points to be addressed in your Weekly Summary in APA Format, 12pt font):

    1. What are the most important concepts you have learned from this course?
    2. What would you recommend to your management/leadership based on these concepts? (e.g., change of direction, new systems, re-engineering). Think of this from the perspective that you are the senior executive in the organization with the authority to impact change.
    3. How will these concepts impact you personally and professionally?
    4. What is the value-added from these concepts or what difference can these concepts make to your organization? (e.g., financial savings, productivity improvements, expanded marketing activities).
    5. Personal notes and observations.