Financial Statements Case Study Excel Sheet

Incorporating instructor feedback, complete the Module 05 Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3 within the Case Study Project. This is the final and completed submittal: All tabs should be completed at this time.

You have now worked for GolfPro Center for a few years and along your journey have obtained your CPA license. Now that you have become a CPA you have taken on extra work on the side by performing tax services to some small business clients. Desert Willow Golf Course is one of your new small business accounts and you are obligated to compete their corporate tax return by April 15th.
Ironically, Desert Willow Golf Course, is also a customer of GolfPro Center as they purchase inventory to stock their pro-shop at the golf course. Desert Willow Golf Course has recently fallen more than 90 days past due on paying their bills to GolfPro Center. In your position at GolfPro Center you have been assigned to review and perform an internal audit of Desert Willow Golf Course’s customer account. In addition, you are also responsible for preparing and estimating the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts for GolfPro Center. When preparing the report, you have left Desert Willow Golf Course off of the aging report. The CFO has asked you for your justification for not including Desert Willow Golf Course on the 90+ aging report. Your reply is, it seems there are some audit related questions about the collectible amount for Desert Willow Golf Course; therefore you have come up with an explanation for not including them in the estimated allowance report which satisfies the CFO.
GolfPro Center is now growing and has decided to expand by opening a new store in Southern California. Since you have now obtained your CPA license the company has offered you a nice promotion and raise with GolfPro Center. You will have to transfer to a new location to begin gathering a team to start the finance department at the new store in Southern California. You have accepted the promotion and leave immediately. In the mean time you have decided to quit doing accounting on the side which includes your business with Desert Willow Golf Course. In moving, you have not completed the corporate tax return Form 1120 for Desert Willow Golf Course which should be filed with the IRS by a specific date.  You also failed to inform Desert Willow Golf Course of your new relocation. In trying to locate you, Desert Willow Golf Course contacts GolfPro Center and discloses your side work business.