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Follow the guidelines to write a book review with a minimum of 500 words NOT including the required coversheet. Complete the coversheet on the second page and start the book review on the third page.



A book review is NOT a book report. Book reports commonly describe what happens in a text; their focus is primarily on giving an account of the major plot, characters, and/or main idea of the work. A book review provides readers with a review of the content, an explanation of their opinion about the merit of key topics, and the value the book may provide to peers. A book review evaluates and offers a brief description of a book’s key points and often provides a short appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the book. A book review must include an overview of the content and an evaluation of the book’s relevance. However, more than a summary of contents should be provided; the review should address the main ideas, approaches, and interpretations of the author. A good review will provoke reflection on the part of the reader.  The book review includes a coversheet, introduction, body, and conclusion.


  • Coversheet: The coversheet of the book review should include: Title of book (with edition if appropriate), name(s) of author(s) or editor(s), year of publication, publisher name, publisher address, number of pages, international standard book number (ISBN), book formats available (hardcover, paperback, etc.), reviewed by (rank, name), instructor, SCS cycle number, and date.
  • Introduction: Includes an overview of the book’s content and the reader’s opinion about the book.
  • Body: The following phrases may be helpful in suggesting a subset of points to address in the body of the review:
    • Purpose of the book? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?
    • Opinion of why this is professionally relevant to Marine sergeants?
    • If intended for a wider audience, whom may that include?
    • Is it interesting to the readership of a professional military education course? How?
    • How this book differs from previously read books on the same topic?
    • Is the content accurate? Clear? Well-organized? Up-to-date? Authoritative?
    • Adequately tied to other relevant doctrine or literature?
    • Is it valuable as a resource for my career-level peers? Of use in my unit? How?
    • Are the conclusions or summary appropriate, and supported by the content?
  • Conclusion: The conclusion will clearly sum up the book review and discuss your recommendation on the use of the book. Why Marines should or should not read the book?


Include in-text citations for any quotes, or paraphrasing that you include from the book. For guidelines on in-text citations, refer to the ECDEP Writing Center – “The ECDEP Essay.”


CDET Academic Integrity Policy: All submitted work must be the learner’s own. Knowingly or unknowingly submitting another person’s work without properly citing the source is plagiarism.


By submitting this paper, you acknowledge that you understand and adhere to the CDET Academic Integrity Policy, and the work you are turning in is your original work.



(Center the text on the coversheet)




Title of book:



Publisher Address:

Number of Pages:

ISBN number:

Book formats available: hardcover, paperback, audiobook, E-book

SCS cycle/class number:


Reviewed by: Rank, Name
















(The format is preset: 1” margins, double-spaced, Time New Roman font size 12.)


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