group project general motors company presentation

Company picked: General Motors Company

Company project analysis: Using the analytical tools each of you will learn, each group will prepare an analysis of a public company.The company will be evaluated from the perspective of both fixed income securities (e.g., would you buy the bonds in the medium to long-term?) and equity securities (e.g., would you buy or sell the stock in the medium to long-term?).

Approaches to the analysis should include:

  • Position within the industry context (My Part)
    • Is it a leader? Assessing the company’s
    • Does it have a clear advantage vis a vis other industry participants?
    • Is it subject to extreme competition or pricing pressure?
    • *(This class is Financial and Managerial Accounting, so when analyzing these problems, try to combine the Financial data of the last two years and analyze them according to the problems, which will be shown on page 6-7 slides.)
    • *Please attach the speech. Thank you!