HA499 Unit 10 Discussion 2/3

In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Tyrell Carter 

and  Nikki Thompson 

 Nikki Thompson 

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Question one

Health care administrators are faced with stringent laws in their practice as health reforms continue to be a vital issue in the country. For instance, health administrators are required to complete a state-approved training program and have a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, they are required to pass a licensing exam for them to be cleared and have the authority to practice (McSweeney-Feld et al., 2017). It is expected that the demands will continue to go up as the reforms take shape while all this is aimed at improving the health sector in the country.

Question two

I find the job of Hospital CEO fit with my degree in Health Care Administration. The reason I chose this job is that I will be in a position to control all the hospital operations without being accused of insubordination. Moreover, this will give me an opportunity to oversight all the workers and ensure that they work well, and the patients being taken care of well (Galstian et al., 2018).


Galstian, C., Hearld, L., O’connor, S. J., & Borkowski, N. (2018). The relationship of hospital CEO characteristics to patient experience scores. Journal of Healthcare Management, 63(1), 50-61.

McSweeney-Feld, M. H., Nelson, H. W., Whitner, W., & Engineer, C. Y. (2017). Emergency Preparedness Content in Health Care Administration Programs: A Decade Later. Journal of Health Administration Education, 34(1), 85-102.

Tyrell Carter

I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska and the certifications that Nebraska requires has caught my attention that i have found interest in talking about, because it will relate to my career in the future as a Nursing Home Administrator. As we all know many states operate a lot differently when it come to being a certified healthcare administrator for a nursing home.

The state of Nebraska has five different types of licenses they are able to issue a person to be a Administrator in the state of Nebraska. Depending on what the job title may require depends on the certification you will need. Provisional License: A person that doesn’t qualify for a license, but still able to run the daily operations Certified Preceptor:  Anyone that is licensed by the state of Nebraska, and approved to mentor, supervise, and AIT program. Mentoring/Administrator in Training (AIT): Supervised by a preceptor, while being trained to be a Administrator. Nursing Home Administrator of a Facility Caring Primarily for Persons with Head Injuries and Associated Disorders: Administrator that will only be associated with head injuries. Nursing Home Administrator Responsible/Overseeing More Than one Facility or the Dual Role of Administrator and Department Head: Oversee up to three operation facilities or department lead.

As i have did some research, I realize the job i feel would be perfect for me is a Nursing Home Administrator called Trillium Care and because they simply don’t require much experience, and offering onsite training! In fact, Im goin to apply immediately after this last post! 

Best wishes to everyone, we made it!!!

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